Where have all the Hellcats gone?

Durango Hellcats that is.

When the announcement was made that Dodge would be bringing out a Hellcat version of their venerable Durango SUV, a roar was heard across the world. Minivans tires began to tremble. Who wouldn’t want a 710-horsepower fire breathing vehicle to take the kids to their next baseball practice?

When the Durango Hellcat was announced it was mentioned that the production of this new high horsepower grocery getter would be limited. But limited is always an open number it seems with manufactures these days and how limited would it be. Production was slated for 6 months and to have an original run of 2000 units, soon they realized that there were more purchased slots than build slots available. Instead of cancelling customers orders they increased production to over 3000 units.

The reason of this short production run was for caused by a culmination of events. First, the new WL platform of the Grand Cherokee would see an overhaul of production tooling in their factories. Second new emissions regulations that affect EVAP emissions will be coming into affect in 2022. Maybe we all should have known that a 710-horsepower engine may have some issues meeting modern day emission regulations. But I am sure owners would agree – it was fun while it lasted.

The Durango Hellcat may go down in Dodges history as the rarest edition of the highly sought-after Hellcat vehicles. The Dodge Demon had very limited production run of what is rumoured to be 3300 units. If the production numbers are true for the Durango Hellcat, the run of just over 3000 units may make this vehicle the rarest edition to be produced yet.

If you need to get your hands on one of these vehicles you may need to wait for the used market.  Or, just like a needle in a haystack, you may find one sitting in a dealer’s inventory just waiting to be purchased for years of fun driving. If you do, count yourself lucky and buy it before anyone else has the chance.

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