P0340 (Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction)

A P0340 Trouble Code is “Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction”. This following guide is going to address the major causes, symptoms, and possible fixes for this code. For the full rundown of what the P0340 code means for you and your vehicle, read on.

What Does The Error Code P0340 Indicate?

A camshaft position sensor is an electrical sensor that is generally located inside of the valve cover on an overhead cam engine. Its job is to detect the position of the camshaft inside of the engine and relay the information to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 

They are used in internal combustion engines and various other electronic components. For example, the PCM may use the camshaft position sensor for ignition and fuel timing. 

The PCM then reacts to these inputs by regulating the fuel injector timing and ignition spark control. The ignition spark and fuel injector timing will not operate correctly if the camshaft position sensor is not reading correctly.

If the PCM detects that the camshaft position sensor is defective and unable to respond to signals the PCM will indicate the P0340 error code.When there is a fault in the wiring from the camshaft position sensor to the PCM, P0340 may also be set.

Symptoms of P0340

When the PCM has set error code P0340, many symptoms can be present. Here is a list of the more common symptoms that you may notice with your vehicle:

  • Poor acceleration
  • Starting concerns, extended cranking before engine starts
  • Lack of power
  • Engine misfiring
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • The engine light illuminated
  • Stalling concerns

If you detect any of the symptoms described above, make sure a competent technician repairs your camshaft position sensor. Electrical testing can cause circuit damage if done incorrectly. Because a malfunctioning or damaged circuit can cause major mishaps and harm, taking this precaution will save your cash on expensive vehicle repairs.

P0340: What Could Cause This Code?

There are many items that could cause a P0340 error code to set. Some of the more common causes are listed here:

●     Camshaft position sensor malfunction

●     Camshaft Position Sensor Reluctor wheel damage.

●    Internal engine timing faults

●     Signal transmission is disturbed due to defective PCM

●     Camshaft position sensor wiring may be short-circuited or broken

●     Faulty battery

●     The camshaft position sensor connector is fractured or shorted.

●     internal PCM damage


What Can Be Done To Fix The P0340 Error?

You must first determine the root cause of error P0340 before addressing it. The error code does not only set when one of the events listed above happens.

This code is generally due to a failure of a crankshaft position sensor or possibly a wiring fault. Internal engine damage can also cause this code to set which makes it very important to have this issue diagnosed correctly. 

Always request the mechanic thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine the real issue. 

Is It Safe To Drive A Vehicle With A P0340 Error Warning?

Due to the Camshaft Position Sensors important job in starting the vehicle you may not even be able to start the vehicle, let alone drive it. 

 Driving with a bad camshaft position sensor is safe, however the vehicle may run rough. You also can not be guaranteed that the vehicle will start the next time to attempt due to the fault that is present. 

If a camshaft position sensor is not repaired, you may experience additional faults from driving the vehicle. Internal catalytic converter damage is possible whenever you have an engine misfire concern. 

This fault could add thousands to your repair bill.

Price of Fixing the Error Code P0340

  • The cost of replacing a camshaft position sensor is between $130 and $200.
  • Parts can cost as much as $100 or somewhat more, but you could pay as little as $60 for them, depending on the type of car you have.

The cost varies depending on the mechanic in each city or town, as well as the cost of parts for your automobile and the amount of labor required to remove the old part and install a new one.

A few other codes result in problems with the camshaft position sensors, each with its list of diagnostic procedures. P0335 is a similar code but sets when there is a fault with the Crankshaft Position Sensor.

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