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P0302: Cylinder #2 Misfire, Causes, Symptoms, Costs to repair

P0302 is a Cylinder # 2 misfire code. It is very similar to P0300 put it specifies that an individual cylinder has a misfire that needs to be repaired.

Check out the guide below that we have put together to help you learn more about what causes this code, how it may be fixed, and possible costs related.

What Is a P0302 Code?

Diagnostic trouble code P0302 indicates that Power Control Module has found a Misfire on cylinder 2.

The PCM monitors the crankshaft speed through the crankshaft position sensor. By monitoring this data, the PCM can detect speed variations that are out of normal parameters.

Once these speed variations are detected the PCM sets error code P0302, and the check engine light is illuminated.

This alerts the driver to be aware that there is an engine malfunction that needs to be repaired.

What Are the Symptoms Of code P0302?

P0302 code can be caused by many different reasons. Make sure you take this into consideration as you are trying to figure out what could be causing this fault with your vehicle.

  • Check Engine Light illuminated
  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Rough idling
  • Fuel smell from exhaust
  • Lack of power from the engine
  • Engine runs roughly, hesitation during acceleration

Causes of P0302

Like we mentioned above there can be many a P0302 is set. Faults in the fuel system, ignition system, or possible internal engine failure are only a few possible causes.

The most common reason for this issue is generally worn out or faulty spark plugs, or coil packs. This is very true if you have not tuned up your vehicle for a long time.

Some reasons for this failure are:

  • Low fuel pressure
  • Incorrect engine timing
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Low engine compression (on cylinder #2)
  • Faulty distributor
  • Ignition issues such as damaged or failing ignition coils.
  • Leaking head gasket
  • Poor quality fuel
  • Bad valve

How to Troubleshoot P0302 Code?

If you want to troubleshoot the P0302 code at your home without wasting money, you must follow some essential steps.

Keep in mind that you can only apply these steps if you have some prior knowledge. But in case you are a beginner, make sure you complete some research before starting to diagnose this repair.

  • Use a scan tool to make sure that the only code present is the P0302 code. In case any other error codes appear, you may have to deal with those faults first.
  • Visually inspect the engine bay. Look for loose ground connections, tighten these connections if not sure.
  • Check for the worn spark plug wires. If any doubt on the age or integrity of your spark plug wires, replacement would be suggested.
  • If your ignition system is not functioning properly, investigate its fuel system. Make sure that fuel pressure is not below the recommended fuel pressure. Low fuel pressure generally causes misfires in multiple cylinders, but it is still a possible issue for code P0302
  • After proper examination of the fuel system and ignition system, you may have to perform a leak down test and compression test to determine if there is any mechanical fault that is causing the misfire condition.

May I drive my vehicle with the P0302 Code?

Driving a vehicle with the P0302 code is not recommended. While the engine will still run with only one cylinder misfiring it is not going to run well.

The main reason that you want to get this code fixed as soon as possible is mainly due to the damage it can do to your catalytic converter.

If you have a misfire caused by an ignition fault the raw fuel that is being injected into the engine will be introduced into your catalytic converter.

This fuel can cause the converter to melt and become severely damaged. Resulting in what would be a simple inexpensive repair into a very expensive repair.

So, if you find this code in your vehicle make sure you get it repaired as soon as possible.

Cost to repair P0302 Code

After properly diagnosing the P0302 Code, you will require some repairs to solve the problem such as getting out your best spark plug socket and replacing your spark plugs. Bear in mind that the total repair expenses are based on labor and damaged vehicle parts. Cost may vary depending on the type of your vehicle and location.

  • Fuel Pump $1500-$2000
  • Fuel injectors $1600-$2100
  • Spark plug wires $200-$250
  • Vacuum leak $150-$250
  • Spark plugs $75-$300
  • Fuel pressure regulator $250-$450
  • Ignition coils $250-$650

Codes Related to P0302 Code

Error codes associated with P0302 codes are P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306, P0307, and P0308.

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