How to remove stickers from a car windshield

One of the most difficult things to do when cleaning up your car can be, how to remove stickers from a car windshield. Old car registration stickers, rfid stickers, 3m adhesive, or other sticky stuff on the windshield can be hard to clean off of the windshield. 

Did you just install a sticker on your window. You may sometimes get lucky with simply trying to pry the sticker and remove it easily. However, as stickers sit on your vehicle you can run into trouble when trying to remove stickers from a car windshield. 

The UV rays from the sun tend to bake the sticky residue of the sticker to the windshield. Once the sticker is baked on it will not peel off and you need a different way of removing the sticker along with the adhesive residue. 

There are many different ways of cleaning the adhesive off of the window without damage. Using mayonnaise or peanut butter are some of the, shall we say, more interesting methods of cleaning sticker residue from your windshield. We are going to go over some of the more practical and proven methods to remove the stickers from your car’s windshield. 

Products for removing sticker residue from car windshields

The most practical products to use when removing the residue from your windshield are below. We have also included some quick information about how to use these different products you may find around your home. 

items that you can use to remove sticker residue from your car windshield

Window Cleaner

Any window cleaner that you have on hand can be used to remove residue from the windshield. You will need to use a razor blade as well to make best use of this method. We will detail this method below. 

Adhesive remover such as Goo Gone

Goo Gone is one of the most popular adhesive removers available. You will first need to remove as much of the sticker as possible with a plastic scraper. After this, apply the Goo Gone to the adhesive material. Let sit for the required amount of time and remove with a cloth. You may need to repeat this multiple times to get the adhesive off fully.

Rubbing Alcohol or Denatured Alcohol

Remove as much of the sticker as possible before using this method. Using the rubbing alcohol, dampen a paper towel. Let the alcohol soaked paper towel sit on the sticker residue for roughly 5 minutes. Then use a plastic scraper to remove the residue from the windshield. Repeat as necessary. 


Again, remove as much of the sticker as you can. Apply the WD-40 to the windshield and let sit for roughly 5 minutes. Scrap off the residue with a plastic scraper and repeat as necessary to get all the 3m adhesive from the windshield. 


This method is an interesting one, we are not sure how this method works but we thought we would include it. You are to lay the ice on the sticker in an attempt to “freeze” the sticker residue. After the residue is froze you then scrap off the material. Because of the “freezing” aspect of this method we would recommend trying one of the other methods before using this one. We honestly do not think it works well. 

The method that we recommend using if you have the supplies on site is glass cleaner and a razor blade. It may seem like using a razor to clean glass may damage the windshield. However, if you use a little bit of patience and use the correct method you will not damage your glass. If for any reason you are not comfortable using this method. Take it to a professional detailer to get the residue removed from your windshield. 

Steps to remove sticker residue from your car windshield

  • We are going to remove an old car registration sticker from the windshield in this guide. Remove as much of the sticker as possible with a plastic scraper.
  • Spray a large amount of glass cleaner on the sticker residue area of the windshield. 
  • Ensure that you are using a new stainless steel razor blade.
  • Holding the razor blade at a 60° angle, scrape the residue from the windshield.
Cleaning sticker residue with a razor blade
  • Ensure that you use a light pressure and slowly move back and forth as you clean the residue.
  • Only use the razor blade in areas that are lubricated with glass cleaner. If you need more glass cleaner ensure you spray on as needed.
  • Wipe windshield clean with a good quality microfiber cloth.
Cleaning windshield with a microfiber cloth

Removing sticker residue with a razor blade may seem risky but by taking your time it can be one of the most effective ways in getting this residue off of your windshield. 

In the above technique, warm soapy water can be used instead of glass cleaner. The cleaner that you use acts like a lubricant between your razor blade and the windshield. This prevents the razor blade from scratching your windshield. If you are unable to complete these cleaning processes, a call to a local detailer will get this cleaned up as well.

Can you remove sticker residue from tinted windows?

If someone installed the sticker directly on the window tint it is going to be very difficult to remove sticker residue from tinted windows. Window tint is basically a large sticker. When you go and try to remove a sticker that was placed on top it will try to peel the window tint off with the sticker. 

You can attempt to slowly remove the sticker, with some luck it may come off. If it does not you may need to contact a window tint professional to get them to remove the tint and re-install new tint onto your window.

Removing residue from the windshield of your car can make you angry very quickly. However with these techniques above you can have your windshield looking great in no time. 

Hopefully these tips have helped you learn how to remove stickers from a car windshield. It can be difficult but if you follow these helpful tips you will have the stickers removed quickly.

John Morris
John Morris
John Morris is the technical editor for His years of experience in automotive repair as well as an automotive professor have prepared him to ensure that even the most technical information is accurate and concise at all times.

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