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How to Remove Bird Poop From Your Car’s Paint

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Keeping your vehicle looking fresh and new is one of the easiest ways for your vehicle to retain its value. However, mother nature has other plans than letting you drive around with such a nice vehicle. Fallout, tree sap, and the worst of all, bird poop are all there to ruin that fresh wash you just gave your vehicle. 

Bird poop not only destroys your car’s overall look but can sometimes cause paint damage to your vehicle. Furthermore in the worst case scenario, the bird poop holds many viruses and microorganisms that can affect your respiratory system if you come into contact. 

You really can consider bird poop the universal menace of a clean car. I sometimes imagine seagulls and other avian animals using their bathroom breaks as a sort of target practice. 

All kidding aside, keeping bird poop cleaned off your car’s paint is important, not only to keep up with the Joneses but also to ensure your paint lasts as long as possible. 

How Can Bird Poop Damage Your Car?

First of all, bird poop is gross, and having it on your car will diminish its aesthetic appeal. People won’t take a second glance at your car, even a Bugatti covered with bird poop is not very nice to look at.

Secondly, does bird poop hurt car paint? The simple answer to this question is yes. As a vehicle owner, I am sure you do not want damaged paint on the second largest purchase you make in your life. 

Bird poop contains uric acid with a pH of around 3-4; this is highly acidic. Being acidic, the presence of bird poop on the car surface for long periods of time will diminish and fade the shine of the clear coat paint surface. 

It will stain the car and rust more easily if the paint layer is damaged to the steel. You can be more harmful to the car paint and surface if you are not aware of the right way to remove the bird feces from the car.

Types of the Bird Poop Stains on Car:

Before you ask, let me just say this. Yes, there are different types of bird dropping stains that may be present on your car. And, yes, some can cause more damage than others. 

Cleaning bird poop from your car is not as simple as scraping or dusting it off. Before we guide you on removing bird poop from your car, we must understand the different types of bird poop damage that can occur to your car’s paint. 

Bird Dropping Wrinkled/Fractured Etching:

If your car has bird poop stains that appear wrinkled, you can damage the car paint by washing  them with hard pressure. They are hard to remove, and you must be very careful when washing them from your vehicle. 

Bird Dropping Topical Stain Etching:

These stains are translucent and faded without considerable poop content. These types of stains cause less damage than the above type of droppings. Washing normally won’t likely damage the car surface, if you are concerned use extra precaution when you remove bird poop off your paint. 

How to Remove Bird Poop From Your Vehicles Paint?

We have discussed what can happen to your vehicle when bird poop is not cleaned quickly. So let’s jump right in and learn how to get bird poop off your cars paint.

Don’t panic if some roaming (maybe I should say stupid? I know that’s what I call them when they leave me a present) bird has left some memories on your truck’s body; here is a list of tips and procedures that you can follow to make your car look clean and attractive again.

Don’t Delay

Most people don’t find time to remove bird poop off the car as quickly as possible. Others are too lazy to get it done at the cost of energy, especially in the case of wrinkled or fractured etching. 

In such a situation, they wait for their car wash session to remove the droppings. Delaying will cause more damage to your car’s paint.

The uric acid we discussed earlier in the birds’ feces gets enough time to react with the car’s painted surface, resulting in damage to its clear coat and, if left long enough, the base coat paint.

As gross as it is, it is easier to remove when fresh and wet; you can use a microfiber towel to wipe and clean the car. Nonetheless, if the poop has recently turned dry, pour some water, and let it soften. Later on, you can wipe it off with a clean towel or microfiber cloth.

Below are a few home items that you can have that can help loosen and remove bird poop as well. 

Baking Soda

Starting from the things that you can easily find in the kitchen cabinets, you can make your own bird poop cleaning solution from baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and water.

 Take two tablespoons of baking soda, and mix it with a tablespoon of dish wash liquid and hot water in a spray bottle. Dish wash liquid adds to the cleaning properties, but it is optional.

The job can be done, even with baking soda and hot water. Shake the mixture vigorously to mix the ingredients thoroughly, and spray it on the bird poop stain. Let the mixture soak for ten minutes, and wipe it away.

Club Soda

Club Soda is a carbonated pop that you may already have at home. It breaks down the bird poop on the car to make it easily removable. 

The carbonation also has another effect, it neutralizes the stain’s acidic properties. However, sugary sodas or carbonated cola can do more harm than good so stick to just Club Soda

Just sprinkle some Club Soda on the bird poop stain, let it sit  for a few minutes. Use a cotton cloth or microfiber towel to remove it.

Unscented Laundry Detergent

If you don’t find anything in the kitchen, move to the laundry room and pick up the unscented laundry detergent. It is specifically useful in the unfortunate scenarios when your car seats are exposed to bird poop. This happens with an open sunroof and a flock of birds that decide to fly over and poop right when you had forgotten to close the roof. 

Do you see where I think this is the birds trying to challenge their aim?

When you remove bird poop from seats it is a bit tricky, as trying to clean it when wet will smear it around, making it more difficult to be removed. You need to let it dry for better cleaning in this case.

If the poop is dried, scrap it off and sprinkle the unscented laundry detergent on it. Keep the feces stain exposed to the detergent for the next few minutes before you take the cloth and gently wipe it off. You may scrub it off with a damp cloth if the stain seems stubborn. Repeat the process if necessary.

Cleaning Solution

Try any vehicle-safe cleaning solution as a last resort before you step out of the home to buy a solution to clean the bird poop off the car. Spray or gently apply the cleaning solution to the stain and put the damp cloth over it. Try to rub it off gently after a few minutes with a clean cloth.

Specialty Wet Wipes

Now is the time to move out of the home and grab specialty wipes from a store if you don’t have any of the items mentioned above.

 Keep the packet of these wipes in your car, they are perfect to be used on the go. Car wipes are biodegradable and compostable bamboo material and thus very easy on the environment.

The solution in which the wipes are soaked will neutralize the acid in the bird’s poop and makes it easy to be wiped off immediately.


The absolutely jaw-dropping and multipurpose WD-40 solution can also help you remove bird poop from your car. Just spray WD-40 liquid on the bird poop, and let it soften and break down the etching. You can use any wipe or cloth to remove the feces from the car surface later.

Car Detailer Spray

Every auto store flaunts the car detailer spray on its shelf, exclusively designed to clean the dirt and other contaminants away from the car surface without the use of water.

Not only does the car detailer spray work with dirt and bugs. Depending on the bird poop that is present, it may help you clean it off as well. 

It won’t destroy the car’s paint or wax; instead, it may enhance its glow and shine.

Proceed with Caution

The contents of bird poop may vary according to their stomach conditions and food. Thus, what works for stains once might not work again. Therefore, you need to test the chosen method on one stain to see if it’s safe before cleaning the whole car surface.

When using the specialty wipes or detailer spray, ensure that you abide by the instructions given for its usage. You will find the instructions on the product label.

Seek Professional Help

It is completely fine to be extra protective of your car. In such a case, seek professional help to get your car cleaned. Take your car to your favorite detailing shop and they will be able to help you remove bird poop off your car. 

How You Can Protect Your Car From Bird Poop?

The best way to prevent the car from the birds is to park your car in an enclosed garage. You can also buy a cover for your car to use when you have to park it for longer hours. 

Moreover, avoid parking your car under trees or in greener areas when parking it in a public place. Some people also hang CDs on their cars that act like reflectors that can keep the birds away. Nonetheless, there should be more practical ways to keep your car birds poop-free.

If you are looking for the best way to remove the bird poop off your car, remember that there is no “general” best way. Different procedures work for different cars and poop stains differently; whatever suits you the most is your best!

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