How to Clean Weathertech Floor Mats

WeatherTech floor mats have been a blessing for many car owners. I know they do a great job at keeping my van clean despite my children’s best efforts. However, getting a WeatherTech floor mat clean as the day you bought it can be difficult. 

Thankfully the stains that would normally destroy a normal floor mat can be cleaned. The cleaning process might seem easy at first, but getting a deep clean takes some cae. There are some simple processes that can be taken to ensure a like new look when you are finished. 

Since most people use their vehicles every day, they tend to get dirty very quickly. Dirt, food spills, road salt, etc., all contribute towards the look of your foot liners. These give off an unappealing impression of the condition of your car. This article will discuss how to clean WeatherTech mats and how to give them that fresh touch.

How Are WeatherTech Floor Mats Different?

What makes all these WeatherTech mats different from the standard mats? As the name suggests, these mats are best for all weather conditions, especially adverse conditions. The unique material that has been incorporated in it makes it highly durable in the long run and protects your car floor from water, salt and mud.

The most significant advantage of these WeatherTech foot liners is that these mats are specifically designed for the worst weather conditions, no matter where you set your foot or how dirty your feet may be. Weather Tech mats will contain the dirt. In comparison, standard mats would allow this water and dirt to be transferred into the carpet if it is bad enough.

The fit of these floor liners is also amazing. If you buy front and rear floor liners you will find that they do an excellent job of covering and protecting all the accessible floor area in your vehicle. I personally find these mats work best for me in the winter. You do not have to worry about those dreaded salt stains in the carpets come spring. Or, the possibility of that salt and water leaking through the carpet into the floor pan. 

While  price  might be a large factor in purchasing these floor mats. I will personally recommend that they are worth the price if you want the interior of your vehicle to stay clean. 

Think of them as a layer of armor for your vehicle’s floor. 

Are WeatherTech mats hard to clean?

Using a simple strategy for cleaning these mats is best. By using a little bit of elbow grease and the proper cleaner, these mats are easy to clean and  will look new in no time.

Most people make the mistake of aggressively washing their foot liners. Sometimes taking out a pressure washer as a last resort to get them clean. Since the material used for these floor mats is sensitive and displays aggressive stains clearly. This strategy is not always the best. 

Use Mild Cleansers for a Fresh Look

You always need to remember when cleaning interior surfaces of your vehicle to use an interior safe cleaner. There are many companies out there that make interior safe cleaning products. Chemical Guys, ArmorAll and Meguiars all offer excellent products that will keep your interior safe when cleaning. If you are not careful you may risk the mats’ overall appearance by damaging it with harsh chemicals.

How to Clean WeatherTech floor mats?

Even though the WeatherTech floorliners do an excellent job of keeping your floor clean. From time to time, you are still going to have to wash them to keep them clean. Just because they are more resistant to dirt doesn’t mean they deserve less attention. Also, a proper cleaning will enable higher protection against dirt and other residue that can spill over onto your vehicle’s carpet. So let’s jump in and learn how to clean WeatherTech floor mats.

First remove the floor mats from the vehicle. You will need to remove the retention hooks from each hole in the mat. After this is done you can take the mat out of your vehicle. When you are removing the mats from the vehicle be careful. Minivan floor mats will have very narrow sections. Do not pull on the floor mats to get them loose, carefully remove them where they get snagged. WeatherTech floor mats can tear if they are mistreated.

Once you have removed the mats from the car, which I am sure you have now realized can be a task all on its own. Soak them with the garden hose to reduce any mud or loose dirt that is on the top of the floor mat.

I allow the water to sit on the mat before I add a cleaning product. It allows the stubborn dirt to dissolve and makes the soap a little more effective in completing its job.

image of a Weather Tech floor mat that is already rinsed

Next step is to spray a surface cleaner onto the floor mat. I find Spray Nine (as shown below) or Simple Green really effective products when cleaning WeatherTech floor mats. Spray a liberal amount on the floor mat. 

bottle of spray nine multipurpose cleaner

Next use a stiff bristled brush to clean the floor mat. Because of the way the floor mats are designed you need to use a circular motion when scrubbing to ensure that the embedded dirt is removed. I find a stiff bristled brush works best, like the one shown in the image.

Once you have scrubbed and scrubbed let the mat sit again while the soap can work on the stubborn dirt that is not easily removed. Try not to let the soap dry onto the mat during this stage. 

Image of a weathertech floor mat being scrubed

Rinse off the mat and take a look. If you haven’t washed them in a long period of time, you will have to repeat the process again. Once you have all the dirt removed, ensure that all the soap residue is removed. Let the mat air dry. 

Once the mat is fully air dried you will want to use a surface protectant to make sure that it is properly protected.

Use the correct protectant after washing

WeatherTech recommends against the use of a silicone based protectant spray. ArmorAll and other surface protectants that we are used can cause slippery conditions when applied to these floor liners. Instead use the WeatherTech TechCare FloorLiner and Floor Mat Protectant. Using this product will ensure your floor mats get the protection that they need while keeping the surface safe. Once this product dries it will add an anti-slip surface to the mat.   

image of a cleaned weather tech floor mat
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John Morris
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