Is the Subaru Outback the right size for you?

Anyone who owns a garage knows that one of the most important things to check when buying a vehicle is its length. After all, it would be very embarrassing if you brought your new vehicle home to show your significant other and you couldn’t shut the garage door with it inside. Let’s take a look at how long is a Subaru Outback to make sure that this does not happen to you when you bring home your new purchase. 

After all, external dimensions are very important to make sure it fits in the garage!

The Subaru Outback; Fitting In Garages Since 1994

The Outback was first released as a trim package for the Subaru Legacy Wagon in 1994. With rugged exterior styling along with higher ground clearance it was marketed to would-be buyers as an outdoor-themed adventure version of the ever popular Subaru Legacy. 

Over the years the popularity of the Outback gave Subaru the reason to create its own distinct model line. Today with many different trim levels and options that are available to owners. The Outback has become known as the rugged and versatile crossover SUV designers had strived to create. Still to this day it honours its past by providing owners with off-road capability combined with excellent paved road comfort. 

So now that you are armed with a little history of this excellent crossover vehicle, let’s get to the main question you are all here for: How long is a Subaru Outback?

How The Length of The Outback Has Changed Over The Years

White Subaru Outback driving on a gravel road

The Subaru Outback’s dimensions haven’t really changed its overall length in many years. If you take a look at the chart below you can see that the length of the Outback has only increased in length 3” from 2012-2020 model years.

Model YearLength (in)

Current Generation Outback:How Long Is It Today?

The length of the current generation of Subaru Outback has changed very little since the 2019 model year. It measures slightly shorter at 191.1” long

Model Year Length (in)

The Length Of The Subaru Outback Vs. Other CrossOver SUVs

The Subaru Outback is known as a mid-size crossover SUV. The main competitors that are in this category are the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and the Ford Edge.

Vehicle Model (2022)Length (In)
Subaru Outback191.3
Ford Edge188.8
Honda CR-V182.1
Toyota RAV4180.9

As you can see when you compare these similar size vehicles together the Outback is on the larger side giving it more cargo space and overall length. This places the Subaru Outlook in a position that is unique for a mid-size crossover SUV, larger size. 

The cargo area of a Subaru Outback with one of the rear seats folded down

Always Measure The Length Yourself Before Buying

There are many reasons that the length of a vehicle could change, even in the same model year. 

Trim packages can change the length of a vehicle by inches quickly. Roof racks, special off road bumpers, wheels, and other trim changes can change the physical dimensions of the vehicle. 

Always verify the length with a tape measure before purchasing the vehicle. Also double check the measurement of your garage at home to verify that you do not have to make a trip back to the dealership wondering what their return policy is like. 

A Blue Subaru Outback Wilderness parked in an arid desert environment

Final Thoughts: Is the Length of The Subaru Outback Right For You?

Were we able to answer, How long is a Subaru Outback? 

You need to remember that there are more factors to consider when you are buying a car than just the overall length of the vehicle. 

Things such as performance, cargo space, safety features, maximum towing capacity, and fuel economy are also important things to consider. But if the length of the vehicle is incorrect it really can be a deal breaker if it will be stored inside in a garage. 

The Subaru Outback provides people with a great choice if you value versatility. Just like the original trim package it was released as, it still provides that rugged styling and off road capabilities to drivers today. 

Always remember that not only length but things like height, overall width, and wheelbase are all important dimensions when it comes to garage access. It can be very easy to focus on length and forget the width and measured height of the vehicle as well.

John Morris
John Morris
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