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Ceramic Coating Is Built To Last, But How Long?

Remember the day you purchased your new car? It looked shiny, and as you drove on highways and down the street, people looked at your vehicle and nodded in approval. Although we wish our cars would remain pristine forever, bird droppings, scratches, paint stains, and rock chips on our vehicle’s body serve a significant reality check — beauty FADES!

But what if you could protect your car’s surface from these elements? While paint protection films (PPFs) applied on vehicles serve as a “sacrificial layer” safeguarding paint from scratches, consider ceramic coating.


They’re rugged and offer great protection. Unlike PPFs that absorb scratches, ceramic coatings attempt to resist them! The sturdy and efficient make-up of protective coatings have seen its popularity rise amongst gearheads.

So, would you like to get a high-quality ceramic coating installed on your new vehicle but have concerns about its longevity? We are going to deliver the critical information you need about ceramic car coating and how long does ceramic coating last once applied.

Ready to know more about ceramic paint coating and how long it lasts? Read to the END!

What Is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating, also called nano-ceramic coating, combines silica or silicon dioxide and polymer resins that create a hard shell  to protect your car’s paint job from scratches, swirl marks, and chips. These coatings also limit a vehicle’s paint from grime and dirt sticking to an otherwise clean car. 

Ceramic coatings seamlessly bond with your car’s actual paint. Since automakers don’t add a ceramic coating to your car paint during manufacturing, you will need to go the DIY route or find a professional to kick-start the application process.

With ceramic paint coating becoming popular in the detailing world, the hype around its usage has gone through the ROOF! 

All you need to do to see the popularity of ceramic coats fanfare is to make a related search on Google or YouTube. On these platforms, you’ll find videos showcasing people throwing stones on their cars. And after a gentle wipe, associated dents disappear. For some, it’s MAGIC! For others, these staged or possibly faked videos cause them to shake their heads. 

The one thing that is for sure though, is that these polymers have undergone stringent testing and work the trick on protecting most hard surfaces.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Applying Ceramic Coating to Your Car

Hood of a black BMW

Although you’d find multiple waxing techniques geared towards protecting your car’s surface on the market, it’ll be best to consider ceramic coating as it has the following benefits:

#1 Provides an extra layer of protection to your vehicle

One of the most important advantages of the protective coating is that it adds an extra  layer of protection safeguarding your car from external elements that can damage its surface. Kind of like a suit of armor.

UV rays from the sun can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint job, especially if you don’t have a covered parking space. However, with a ceramic coat applied to your automobile’s body, the chances of surface discoloration stemming from UV rays are almost non-existent.

Since the coating also repels water, rust and damage caused by its mixture with other chemical substances are quickly forgotten.

#2 Enhances paint durability

Repainting your car, scratch after scratch, is financially draining and time-consuming. But with a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle’s exterior, you can extend your car’s perfect paint jobs life.

If you regularly drive on off-road terrains where road debris (i.e., rocks and pebbles) are common, a ceramic coating makes your car scratch resistant. So, rather than heading to the nearest detailing outlet after a topsy-turvy off-road adventure, all you need is a lint-free cloth to remove the dirt. How CONVENIENT!

#3 Makes waxing a thing of the past

With wax, you can give your car a pristine look. However, there’s one problem — it doesn’t last or stand up to scratches. It is better to look towards ceramic coats for vehicle paint protection that stands the test of time.

Some vehicle owners feel they’ll be better off with wax as they’re inexpensive compared to ceramic coating. While this is true for UV protection, the latter offers superior protection from all types of paint damage. Incorporating a rock-solid curing process, ceramic coatings offer protection for years.

 With the advantages of ceramic coating, it is quickly becoming a popular alternative — unless you enjoy spending an eternity on WAXING!

#4 Gives Your Vehicle That “New” Look

I am sure you want your vehicles to wield that head-turning look that sparkles under the Sun months after you buy it. However, you may find it challenging to do so, especially if you’re too busy to inspect your car’s paint or don’t have a garage shielding it from the elements.

Ceramic coating helps your car maintain an aesthetic that looks as good as the day it  left the manufacturing line. As such, you’ll embark on those short and long drives bubbling with CONFIDENCE .

#5 Saves money

one dollar bills fanned out

You might argue that some paint correction services are cheaper than ceramic coatings. After comparing the durability levels of these mediums side-by-side, you’ll realize ceramic coating trumps the competition by a MILE! 

Plus, ceramic paint coating protects your car from numerous types of damage that would’ve proven expensive to fix with other paint correction alternatives. With inflation raging in many places around the globe, installing a protective layer that protects your vehicle from damage is better than spending a fortune touching up paint and replacing body panels due to paint damage. 

Due to the ceramic coating’s repellent, water and other substances won’t stick to surfaces on your car’s exterior. So, even if you’d have to wash it thoroughly every week, you won’t need to scrub hard for that shine to come back.

Ceramic Coating Cost: How Much Do You Need to Spend?

You might dole out between $2,000 to $3,000 to complete a ceramic coating job on your car depending on the amount of paint correction that is needed before coating. Nonetheless, the amount you’ll spend on ceramic coating depends on many factors.

Notable mentions include:

●The Size of Your Car

Your car’s size will invariably affect how much you spend on a ceramic coating job. If you’ve got an SUV, you’ll need to spend more as these cars have extensive surface areas requiring more labor and materials.

●Vehicle Color

Most car owners aren’t aware that vehicle color plays a role in the overall cost of ceramic coating. For example, scratches are more glaring on dark cars than on white automobiles. Thus, concealing blemishes on the former demands more polishing.

It will cost you more to do ceramic paint coating on a black car than on a white car. This is due to the appearance of swirl marks in the paint being very noticeable on a black car.

●Areas of Application

Contrary to popular belief, you can add certain types of these protective coatings to your car’s interior and exterior areas.

So, if you coat your car’s exterior, interior, and other components with ceramic, you’ll pay more for the extra washing, coating, and expertise required. However, focusing on just the exterior will reduce the cost of a ceramic coating..

●Condition of Paint Job

Black car being wet sanded

If you take your car to a detailing shop for ceramic coating, professionals will first check the condition of your vehicle’s paint job. Although people think their new rides are void of imperfections, they exist and can be significant. Any small scratches need to be removed before coating.

If  you’ve used your vehicle for years and it hosts numerous imperfections, you’ll spend more money on paint corrections. Depending on the revisions required, you might spend between $800 to $1500 for top-notch paint correction.

●Dealer’s Experience

Most certified professionals revered for their car care expertise spend decades and huge amounts of money honing their craft to PERFECTION. As such, visiting their detailing shops will be costly but result in top notch results. If ceramic coating is not installed correctly the ceramic coating needs to be removed. And the process of removing ceramic coating can be tricky.

Professional ceramic coatings vary greatly by skill ranging all the way from detailing artisans to the first timer using DIY techniques. Since these dealers can efficiently apply these coatings to dispel all damage caused by dirt, swirl marks, and chips, you’ll need to pay for their expertise. 

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last? The Million Dollar Question

Ceramic coatings generally last from 2-5 years depending on the quality of the ceramic that is used. There are many factors that can change the lifespan of a ceramic coating. 

Take a look at the list of factors below that can change the lifespan of the ceramic coat

●Ceramic Coating Type

Numerous coating products are on the market, all having different warranty ratings and specifications.

Although most ceramic coatings last between 2-5 years, specific alternatives have a limited lifetime warranty included.

As we’ve established, you can apply ceramic coatings to your vehicle’s exterior, interior, and other components (i.e., glass, tires, and rims). It’s important to note that the ceramic coatings used for these areas have different ingredients.

It is best to review their manufacturing details to know which variation lasts longer. However, note that more durable options will cost more — saving you vital “$$$” in the long RUN!

●Installation and Application Process

Each ceramic coating manufacturer has laid down instructions on prepping and installing their coating variants. Before applying a ceramic coating to any vehicle’s surface, proper prep work is a MUST.

Without appropriate prepping executed, the ceramic coating won’t be able to prevent damages presented by dirt and direct sunlight. What’s more? It could start to fail within months of application.

To ensure your ceramic coating lasts as long as possible, allow it to cure — without contaminants. Most ceramic coatings have a specified “cure” time for complete bonding to your car’s paint. Once the curing period elapses, your car will have an adequate protective layer.

 Although you can go the DIY route to facilitate the coating process, we recommend engaging the services of professionals. While you’d need to spend more on their expertise, you’ll get a car ceramic coating service that glitters and lasts as long as possible. 

If not you could go through the dreaded process of having to remove ceramic coating. Which can be much more difficult than installing it. 


Black car being washed in an automated car wash

Some car owners think their automobile’s ceramic coating gives them the license to put maintenance in the background. However, this notion is false, as your car’s ceramic coating requires constant care and maintenance to make it last.

Many ceramic protection producers have unique maintenance tips. Notable among them is not taking your vehicle to an automated car wash. Why? These car washes integrate hard brushes that can ruin the ceramic coating’s effectiveness.

If washing your car doesn’t tickle your fancy, it’ll be best to visit a handwashing car wash or pre wash your car with snow foam. That way, you can communicate your exact washing preferences, preserving your car’s coating for the long RUN!

Ensure you apply a booster or enhancer to your ceramic-coated car. These formulas retain the protective attributes of your vehicle’s coating. We recommend using them on your ceramic-coated vehicle every three months.

●External Conditions

External conditions can affect the durability of your car’s coating.

Most coating manufacturers highlight their products’ lifespan when exposed to external conditions, including dirt, bird droppings, and other particles.

Therefore, if you install a coating on your car and park it in a garage most of the time, the coating’s protective layer will last longer than intended. Subjecting your ceramic-coated vehicle to extreme external conditions will also significantly reduce its lifespan.

Parting Shot

Having a car is a big investment. If you’d like your vehicle to retain that aesthetic appeal it had after leaving the manufacturing line, ceramic coating is the way to GO!

Although it might be tempting to go the DIY route, engage the services of professionals for impeccable execution. By taking the ceramic coating route for your vehicle’s protection, you won’t shudder at the sight of your car — instead, you’ll beam with SMILES. 

Hopefully we have answered all your questions about how long does ceramic coating last. 

Do you have something to add? Please leave it in the comments below. 

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