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The Best Cheap Tires For This Winter

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It’s getting cold, so we all know what that means— it’s winter tire time! If you do not already own a set it’s time to start researching the best cheap tires for this winter. Whether you’re steering a compact Honda Civic or you’re out cruising in a Chevrolet Silverado it is more important now than ever before to get your tires switched out for the crazy winter driving conditions you are sure to encounter!

But I get it, times have been tough lately with the economic recession after the pandemic dust settled, and it’s impacting all of us. So you may find yourself on a tighter budget this year. And if you do, don’t worry, because you’re most definitely not alone. 

Tire replacements amount to a very costly purchase, given that you usually have to buy four at a time, which all adds up to big bucks. A single winter tire, on average, comes out to around $200-$300. For a full set for your car, that’s $800-$1200. 

That price does not even include replacement and rotation costs if you don’t know how to do-it-yourself. But sometimes, we just don’t have the grand or almost two to spend on our winter tires like we usually do. 

If that’s you, then I’m glad you’re here, because I pulled a list together of the top 10 best cheap tires for this winter season that will bang your buck and keep you safe on winter roads! So the weather is getting colder, now is the time to install your winter tires.

Top 10 Best Cheap Tires To Melt Your Winter Woes Away!

Since this list is on a budget, we’ll start with the most expensive out of the ten, and work our way down to the cheapest one last. Despite the various brands and prices, choosing to purchase any of these quality tires for this winter will keep you safe through wind, snow, and rain on any terrain! 

Keep in mind, the prices  for the top 10 best cheap tires for winter seem to change all of the time. 

And remember that sometimes, the cheapest option is not always the best option! Finding budget tires that perform well in wet and dry conditions is difficult. The best option depends on what your tires need for your expected winter climate and figuring out the lowest available price for a set of winter tires you can buy to fulfill those needs.

1. Pirelli Ice Zero FR

Starting off our budget-friendly countdown of the best cheap tires with the most expensive tire I found.  

While Pirelli is best known for its performance tires the Pirelli’s Ice Zero FR is the winter tire to keep you safe and stable in the cruel, wet winter cold. This tire allows you to have ultimate control in extreme weather conditions, built conveniently for medium-sized sedans and SUVs alike! 

The price for this tire is high because of the Pirelli’s overall tire quality and RUN FLAT technology it is equipped with. 

This technology provides you greater control of the car in emergencies and allows you to continue safely driving, even if a sudden loss of inflation pressure were to occur. 

2. KUMHO Solus 4S HA31

Technically an all-weather tire, the Solus 4S HA31 from KUMHO tires still makes a great winter tire. Because of the enhanced traction provided for snowy roads and directional tread of the tires. These tires also have great success with smoothly driving through wet, rainy roads as well! 

Since it’s an all-weather tire, it’s built for optimal performance for all the seasons. But I think this one is especially geared towards ensuring control in rain and snow, which makes it a fantastic choice for having a set of four of these for your winter tires this season.

3. Pirelli Cinturato Winter 

The Pirelli Cinturato Winter tire is a cheaper alternative to the Ice Zero FR, if you’re looking to stay within the Pirelli brand. The Cinturato Winter guarantees your safety for most winter conditions, as it is the grand touring winter tire for the brand. They’re available from 14” to 17”. 

In general, the cheaper price from the Ice Zero FR comes from the fact that these tires are not certified to drive in extreme weather conditions, and they have a limited size range in comparison to the Ice Zero FR. 

While this tire is more designed for those driving in urban areas during wintertime, using these tires are safe to drive on most roads during this cold, wet season! 

4. Michelin X-Ice Snow 

Michelin tires X-Ice Snow was designed specifically to assist with shorter stops and smoother, more confident drives in extreme winter weather conditions. Coming in rim diameters from 14” to 20”, these tires won’t let the pouring rain, wind, or snow stop your day! 

With Michelin tires innovative Evergrip technology, this winter tire tread compound allows you to stop 8.85 feet shorter on ice than before! 

The X-Ice Snow will ensure your safety and control all winter long with its rigid, polymer base rubber compounds in a V-formation tread for enhanced grip over ice and snow. With a rolling resistance 10% less than their usual, Michelin claims this tire will also provide the best gas performance alongside the best winter tire performance.

5. Michelin CrossClimate 2

Another all season tire that makes an exceptional winter tire is the CrossClimate 2 from Michelin with its V-formation directional tread. The CrossClimate 2 is the innovative combination from Michelin’s CrossClimate + and CrossClimate SUV to elevate its all-weather performance.

A mix between a summer tire and a winter tire, the CrossClimate provides you with excellent performance on dry and wet roads. Being an all weather tire the tread wears slower than a comparable winter tire when the weather starts to warm up.

Rim diameters vary from 16” to 22”. In comparison to the X-Ice Snow, you’ll want to go with this one for your best cheap tires, unless you’re typically in extreme weather conditions for winter. 

Built with Michelin’s Thermal Adaptive Tread Compound and 3D SipeLock Technology, these quality tires adapt to changing road conditions for excellent grip in wet, dry, and snowy climate through the hundreds of biting edges stacked on the tires designed to give you that extra grip! 

 6. KUMHO Wintercraft WP72

While we have already featured one of Kumho tires excellent winter tires, we couldn’t help but include the I’Zen KW31. The asymmetrical tread on this studless winter tire helps give better traction and performance for sedans in winter, making it one of the best cheap tires! 

The 3D sipes that it comes with optimize handling and braking performance by biting into the road for ensured stability, excellent traction, and a reduced risk of hydroplaning with its angled and wide grooves to drain out the water and slush! 

7. GoodYear Dunlop Winter Maxx 2

GoodYear is undoubtedly one of the major tire brands that everyone knows. When there not busy turning dandelions into tires they are building great tires for all weather conditions.

The Dunlop Winter Maxx 2 continues the tradition of great new tires that GoodYear is known for. It was built to perform and to last all throughout the cold winter all while providing owners with a  longer tread life.

This model comes with both snow and wet traction, using its MAXX grip pattern to enhance traction on snow while its large drainage grooves in the tread pattern flush water away for improved control and stability in rain and slush.

8.  GoodYear Ultra Grip Winter

Based on internal testing, the Ultra Grip Winter tires stop on average, 6 feet shorter on snow than their competitors. The Ultra Grip tread is optimal for slippery and wet winter conditions.

This winter tire carries a directional tread pattern to enhance traction on winter snow, and the wide tread grooves that flush out snow and slush for that ultra wet traction and performance. 

These are not OEM replacement tires, and the tread life on this looks just a bit shorter than the tread life for the Dunlop Winter Maxx 2. But, you do get extra traction and tires that are designed specifically for boosted winter traction. 

9. Yokohama iceGUARD iG52c

The iceGUARD iG52c comes with many features for the low cost it offers! This winter tire comes with excellent wet traction with its absorptive silica and multilayer carbon that rids water from the road and from the tread surface. 

The high-density, silica compound that it’s made of provides a long tread life, and it’s designed to provide optimal traction for winter roads. The extra-wide center rib, triple 3D sipes, and triple-action compound all maintain features that come with this tire to make you the most confident driver this winter! 

The premium tires technology enhances the tire quality and really allows it to outshine its competition when compared to other cheap tire brands.

10. KUMHO I’Zen KW31

Finally, the last on the list of the best budget tires goes to KUMHO’s I’Zen KW31, for maintaining the lowest  price and cold weather optimized design to perform in winter! 

Sorry SUVs and light trucks, but the biggest bang for your buck is only available for sedans and passenger cars! 

Using its directional tread, angled grooves, and open shoulders it funnels water and slush out of the way to prevent hydroplaning on wet roads.

 Also, the built-in dense sipes enhance grip, acceleration, and braking maneuvers on icy, rainy, and snowy terrain. The large shoulder blocks purposefully put more rubber on the road for greater stability and cornering performance!

Which Of The 10 Best Cheap Tires Will You Buy This Winter?

To wrap up, I’ll suggest what I would personally choose, depending on two budgets. If I had to choose quality tires under $100 per unit, then I’d most likely go with a set of the Yokohama iceGUARD iG52c for typical cold, wet conditions and the KUMHO Wintercraft WP72 for extreme winter climate. 

Meanwhile, if I had the financial liberty to spend over $100 for each tire, then out of these ten, the best cheap tires for winter would come from a company known for its performance tires. They are the Pirelli Cinturato Winter. Best suited for driving under usual winter conditions within urban areas. And if I drove in extreme winter weather conditions, then KUMHO Solus 4S HA31 tires are definitely quality tires! 

So make sure your wheels are torqued and your tire pressures are set. Safe driving for all on the roads this winter!

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