About Us

Automotive Repair

If you are looking at this page I am sure you are looking at finding out more about the team here. Well at the heart of all of us, you guessed it, fanatics about everything with an engine.

The founder of this website, John Morris is an automotive technician with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has come from working in the service bays to teaching future technicians as a college professor.

To say we have qualified views on the automotive industry, I would say yes, we can easily say that. We are here to provide you with an inside view of the automotive industry.

What can you learn here?

Trying to help you save money by doing your own repairs at home is the main goal here. We are trying to provide you with information that is straight to the point and informative.

We try to provide you with known problems with vehicles, helping you make better decisions when buying your next vehicle. Oh, I almost forgot. We do add some entertainment value to the website as well. We strive to be the one spot you check everyday to learn more about and what is going on in the industry.

Yes there are articles that provide reviews and yes there are affiliates that pay us a small commission when you purchase something from you.

This allows us to have a clutter free website, not endless scrolling through 100 ads to read five sentences. So check out our affiliates, remember by purchasing something from them you are increasing the amount of material that we can add to the website. This provides everyone with more help the next time they complete repairs.

Meet Us

John Morris

As you read above I am the founder of autoknowit.com. I have worked in the automotive industry since I was knee high to a grasshopper… well, maybe not that small. Piloting a broom was my first job and I excelled in it well. Over the years I became a diesel, transmission, and electrical diagnosis specialist. I have stepped away from the wrenches and share what I have learned with future automotive technicians.

You get to learn from me here as well. I am here to share what I have learned to save people money, make better automotive decisions and eliminate headaches when you are working on your next repair.

Looking forward to you all joining in our community, take the time and comment on the page. We strive to communicate with all our readers!!