2021 Worst Red-Light Runners Announced

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If you have never heard of Verra Mobility, they are a provider of smart technology solutions. More importantly when it comes to being qualified to provide this list of the Worst Red-Light runners, they are the largest provider of speed and red-light cameras in the U.S. 

They have officially released a Compilation of 2021’s Worst Red-Light Runners. The annual release of the video is meant to highlight one of the most dangerous situations on American roads today, drivers running red-lights.

Warning: This video presents real vehicle collisions. View at your own discretion.

You can watch the video here, 2021’s Worst Red-Light Runners

The videos come from Arizona, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Florida. However, as drivers we need to remember that these accidents can happen anywhere, and we need to ensure we are observant and drive safely at all times when we are on the roads. 

“Reckless and distracted driving continues to have a profound and devastating impact on drivers, passengers, and families,” said David Roberts, President and Chief Executive Officer of Verra Mobility. 

He also goes on to state, “At Verra Mobility, we focus on enriching lives through safer mobility solutions and helping to make sure that everyone can arrive home safely.”

The stats simply speak for themselves. Before the pandemic, 2019 had an estimated 143,000 injuries and 846 deaths due to red-light running related collisions.

Even though red-light and speed cameras may not be our favorite they do the job. They are known to create safer roads by deterring and reducing dangerous driving situations, like red-light running. 

Please remember everybody as we enter this new year. Drive alert and drive safe. 

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